What Is Onsight Gaming

OnSight Gaming was founded in 2016 by several members of the Call of Duty community. From the quickly growing competitive scene to absolutely massive social community, OnSight Gaming’s backbone is built by key members from each side of the spectrum. Establishing ourselves early on within the competitive Call of Duty community. OnSight Gaming secured a top notoriety in Halo eSports. We look to expand into other eSports in the near future.

Recent News

OnSight Gaming will be at MLG Atlanta 

The call of duty squad is heading over to Atlanta to face off against top teams from all over the nation. Here is everything you need to know about the MLG Atlanta event. Keep up with our standings off stream on Team twitter (@OnSight_Gaming) and wish of luck as we make our Open Bracket run. Be sure to tune in to MLG Stream show the OnSight squad your support!

Dashthreads is now the official apparel providers of OnSight Gaming

OnSight Gaming has mutually agreed with DashThreads to become the official apparel providers of OsG in the 2018 CWL season.

DashThreads is an upcoming apparel company launched in 2017

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OnSight Gaming 2018

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